Four Extra Projects you can Consider when Reinstalling New Roof

New roof installation may not be a glamorous home improvement project, but it is an important one. This project must be done if you have signs of roof damage such as leaking and missing shingles. If you are planning to get a new roof installed, there upgrades you can consider to make the roof more functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. Good New Roof Installation in New Richmond should include the following:

Roof Ventilation Improvement

In summer, poorly ventilated attics can become furnaces. The heat buildup radiates to the rooms directly below the attic, making the people there feel quite uncomfortable. To maintain a cool temperature inside your attic and house, consider asking your roofing contractor about installing ridge vents across the top of the roof. These vents enable air movement beneath the ridge cap shingles. For effective ventilation, soffit vents will draw cooler air into the attic while hot is being expelled. This upgrade may also need gable vents to ensure adequate airflow. By having a cooler attic, you will be more comfortable during the hottest months of the year without spending a lot of money on air conditioning.

Energy-Efficient Shingles

Before, homeowners commonly chose light-colored or white shingles to keep a cooler roof. But, some homeowners don’t find these options aesthetical appealing. New reflective shingles today are available in assorted colors, from wood tones to slate tones. The granules reflect the radiation of the sun and reemit much of the absorbed heat. A cool roof can save you money on cooling costs.

Airtight Chimney Cap Installation

Airtight caps are designed to save energy. If the fireplace in your home is not in use, warm air from the inside will gush out the chimney in cold weather. Your firebox’s damper may not be able to do much to stop it since it’s not airtight. Your roofer may tell you how installing an airtight chimney cap is a great idea during a re-roofing project. An airtight cap can also keep animals from nesting inside the chimney.

Low-Maintenance Gutters

A reroofing project is the best time to scrap your old gutters and install new ones. Gutter systems that have built-in curve hoods are made to be maintenance-free. They are designed to allow rainwater to travel down and around its curved hood and into the gutter while deflecting leaves. With these gutter systems, you don’t have to climb a ladder to clean the gutters.